Exposure to Cosmetic Products / Percutaneous Penetration

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Duration: approx. 1.5 work days
(07:06 hrs video training + online exam)

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The target of this course is to contribute to the qualification of the safety assessor for the part of “exposure to cosmetic products/percutaneous penetration”.

Competent assessment of the safety of cosmetic products requires knowledge of cosmetics legislation and the exposure of the product to be evaluated.

Therefore, this course will present the topics exposure, principles for the safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients and finished cosmetic products, and other essential basics. Since the skin is the largest human organ and plays an important role in the use of cosmetic products, knowledge of anatomical and physiological principles of the skin, in particular with regard to penetration and dermal bioavailability, is also an essential part and included in the lectures.


No Title Speaker
1 Legal Framework Birgit Huber
2a Anatomical and Physiological Principles of Skin Barrier Function Dr. Winfried Steiling
2b In-Vitro Skin Penetration Dr. Winfried Steiling
3 The SCCS Notes of Guidance Dr. Ulrike Bernauer
4 Principles for the Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Ingredients Dr. Stefan Schulte
5a General Considerations on Exposure I Dr. Dagmar Bury
5b General Considerations on Exposure II – Case Studies Dr. Dagmar Bury
6a Evaluation of the Inhalation Exposure of a Hair Spray Formulation Dr. Elisabeth Gerber
6b Principles in Safety Assessment of Finished Cosmetic Products Dr. Elisabeth Gerber

Duration: 07:06 hrs video training



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Practical Information

Upon receipt of the payment, the subscriber will be notified that he/she may start the training. After having started the web training for the first time, the user will be able to access the course videos at any time for a period of 10 days. PDF-files of the presentations are made available for download. After completion of the web training, the participant can start the online exam within another 4 weeks. The exam must be completed within 1 hour after activation and can be repeated once.


Web Training: Exposure to Cosmetic Products/Percutaneous Penetration

(bookable at any time)

Course fee: 900 EUR + VAT


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