Essentials of Metabolism Informing Human Health Risk Assessment

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Please note: This course is currently being updated and will be available again from 1 July 2024. Therefore, this course cannot currently be booked.


The target of the course is to contribute to the qualification of the safety assessor
(here: for the part of “metabolism, kinetics and structure-activity relationships”).

Contents of the course:

  • Principles and basic concepts for the impact of the organism on foreign substances and foreign substances on the organism.
  • Fundamentals of biotransformation and biokinetics, the structure and function of metabolic organs
  • Structural elements relevant to biological effects of substances used in cosmetic products
  • In vitro and in vivo models for the study of metabolic reactions and their significance for biological effects
  • Exercise examples


No Title Speaker
1a Fundamental principles of biotransformation Prof. Dr. Eisenbrand
1b Fundamental principles of risk assessment Prof. Dr. Eisenbrand
2a Metabolism Phase I (Part 1) Dr. Habermeyer
2b Metabolism Phase I (Part 2) Dr. Habermeyer
3a Metabolism Phase II (Part 1) Jun.-Prof. Dr. Cartus
3b Metabolism Phase II (Part 2) Jun.-Prof. Dr. Cartus
4 Excercise – Examples for discussion Prof. Dr. Eisenbrand
5a Methodology – In vitro/(in vivo) models – Biomonitoring – Part 1 Dr. Baum
5b Methodology – In vitro/(in vivo) models – Biomonitoring – Part 2 Dr. Baum
6a Structure-activity Relationship: Selected compound classes – Part 1 Prof. Dr. Eisenbrand
6b Structure-activity Relationship: Selected compound classes – Part 2 Prof. Dr. Eisenbrand

Duration: 06:42 hrs video training



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Practical Information

Upon receipt of the payment, the subscriber will be notified that he/she may start the training. After having started the web training for the first time, the user will be able to access the course videos at any time for a period of 10 days. PDF-files of the presentations are made available for download. After completion of the web training, the participant can start the online exam within another 4 weeks. The exam must be completed within 1 hour after activation and can be repeated once.


Web Training: Metabolism, Kinetics and Structure-Activity Relationships

(bookable at any time)

Course fee: 900 EUR + VAT


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